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Book Review, by Renée Browning

Vet volunteers fight for life is a story about a girl named Maggie who lives with her grammy. She lives with her grandmother because her parents died in a car crash when she was a babby. Her grandmother is a veterinarian so Maggie has a veterinarian clinic stuck to there house. Maggie gets to help out with the clinic.

They end up having to take care of a bunch of dogs and they ask the owners where they found the puppys. The ownerssaid at a farmers market. Maggy and her gram ask to see the health records and the owners say that they did not give them any health records. Later on in the story they find out that the farmers market is actually a puppy mil, a puppy mill is where they breed dogs, and then after the dog has puppies they use barely any money to take care of them.

The puppies that they had to opperate on are all dehidrated. Zoe which is Maggies cousin comes because her mom is a movie star and has to go to L.A. Zoe goes to see the puppies and she picks one out and it poops on her! Later on a puppy dies, and then another stops breathing so her grandmother has to breath into her nose, then it dies so actually 2 puppies die.

If I were asked to rate the book from 1 to 10 I would give it a ....... 10! The reason why I would give it 10 is becuse it is a perfect book for all ages and it is funny, and sad at the same time. I also like it because if you want to be a vet if you love animals this is the book for you.

The author is a NEW YOURK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHER. If you would like to buy this book click on this link to

Renée Browning

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